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Everyone has heard of Stephen Hawking, who was one of the greatest academic minds of our time, but who taught him? His PhD supervisor was in fact an OM, Dennis Sciama (SH.39-44). In recognition of Sciama as the father of modern cosmology, Malvern College is delighted to be able to build a new observatory for our pupils, thanks to the generosity of a Malvernian Society donor.

Astronomy in school is introduced in the Foundation Year. It is part of the IGCSE syllabus for the Hundred as well as an option in the IB syllabus.

The College already has a good telescope but, without a permanent home, it needs setting up (ie aligning with the stars) and dismantling every time it is used.

With the telescope housed within the new observatory, it will be set up permanently and left in place, allowing our pupils and staff to use it much more frequently.