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Legacy Donors' Stories

The OMs below have planned to make a gift to the Malvernian Society or Malvern College from their estate.

1083-04020205_Legacy_short_stories_Barwell_copy.jpg'I hope that I can help to ensure that Malvern remains one of the best schools in the world.'
Charles Barwell (9.81-86)
1084-04020205_Legacy_short_stories_Bowles_copy.jpg'Revisiting Malvern after so many years, I saw that the College was doing well and wished to make a contribution.'
Michael Bowles (4.61-66)
1085-04020205_Legacy_short_stories_Brinkman_copy.png'Supporting Malvern College will, I hope, help give future generations of Malvernians a fulfilling, positive and enriching experience.'
Richard Brinkman (1.82-87)
1086-04020205_Legacy_short_stories_Jamieson_copy.jpg'Malvern College shapes who you become and you always remember the anecdotes and the opportunities you had there.'
Mark Jamieson (9.83-88)
1087-04020205_Legacy_short_stories_Moritz_copy.jpg'My legacy wish is that many more bright and deserving students are helped to get the Malvern education we enjoyed.'
Paul Moritz (7.48-52)

If you are thinking of doing something similar and would like to discuss this with us in confidence and with no obligation,please get in touch via email [email protected] or call us on 01684 581517.