Lord MacLaurin Dinner

A dinner was held in the Gryphon Room on Friday 4th December to mark Lord MacLaurin’s retirement as Chairman of the College Council, a post he has held since 2003.  Amongst the 200 guests attending were past and present members of the College Council, Governors, OMs, former members of Common Room and senior members of today’s Common Room and College management team.

College musicians played at the Reception and in two solo performances during the course of the evening:  Selina Yogeshwar (No.6) sang ‘Durch Zartlichkeit und Schmeicheln’ and Charlie Tuergenthal (No.6) sang ‘Cabaret”.

Outstanding portraits by Keith Breeden, of Ian MacLaurin (5.51-56) and of another very distinguished and long-serving Chairman of College Council, Sir Stephen Brown (2/6.39-42), who was also present at the dinner, were unveiled and will hang in the Main Reception of the College.

Antony Clark, Headmaster, spoke eloquently about Lord MacLaurin’s huge contribution to the College over seven and a half decades as pupil, sportsman, member of Council and latterly as Chairman.  The incoming Chairman, Robin Black (8.71-76), spoke about the excitement and success of recent years, which was largely to do with Ian MacLaurin’s leadership and business skills.

Then Lord MacLaurin spoke passionately about his lifelong association with the College and how he had made a special effort as Chairman to develop the leadership team at the College to its full potential.  He was given a well-deserved standing ovation.  This was a very special occasion.

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