Benefactors’ Lunch – 10th June 2017


It was a great pleasure to see so many of our supporters at the Benefactors’ Lunch this year.  A friendly hubbub developed over drinks in the Gryphon Room – which had been beautifully decorated with floral arrangements by one of our parents, Susan Wall – and it took some time to persuade everyone to take their seat for lunch!  During his welcome speech, the Chairman of the College Council, Robin Black, took the opportunity to say thank you to Syd Hill who will be retiring from his position as Secretary of the Malvernian Society in August.  There were few people in the room who had not come across Syd during his long connection with the College, but there were many friendships being celebrated and renewed during the course of the day.  Of course, the purpose of the occasion was to thank our wonderful supporters for all that they have done for the College in recent times, and the Senior Chapel Prefect, Lauren Maxey, was able to articulate that beautifully.  For more pictures, click here.

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