Court before refurbishment

Court after refurbishment

In 2011, the fundraising campaign for Rackets was completed. In excess of £190,000 was generously donated by both Old Malvernians and Friends of the College. This philanthropic support had enabled the pre-existing Rackets courts to be refurbished, including work on the playing surfaces, lighting, changing rooms, public and gallery areas, and the fabric of the building, as well as new ventilation and air conditioning.

Dedicated to the memory of the College’s gifted and charismatic Rackets professional Ron Hughes, both courts are now of tournament quality and amongst the best in the country. They provide a fast, true bounce, near-identical playing surfaces on each court and immaculate galleries. There is nothing that Ron Hughes would have wanted more than to see Malvern so significantly placed on the Rackets map and we thank all of those who have enabled us to achieve this. 

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