Annual Fund 2015 Impact

We raised over £130,000 over the course of this year’s campaign and were delighted and encouraged by the number of OMs who took part so enthusiastically.

The Malvernian Society Assisted Places scheme was one of the beneficiaries of the Fund.  We consider this scheme to be one of the most important cornerstones of our fundraising purpose, and we are constantly working to ensure that we help as many talented children as possible to access a Malvern College education, regardless of their background or economic circumstances.

 Also, with the help of the Annual Fund, computers with CAD software have been made available to every pupil studying D&T, giving them first-hand experience of contemporary, professional practice. The use of the computer suites is integrated in the curriculum from the Foundation Year through to the Upper Sixth, and the experience of ICT and CAD software is crucial for familiarization of emerging technologies and preparing for university study.  At GCSE, pupils now use industry-standard software for their coursework preparation, and this leads to significantly higher-level performance, which is reflected in their exam results.  Our Sixth Form pupils are expected to use and understand CAD software for the coursework component of their studies, but their deeper level of understanding and competence certainly places them at an advantage when applying to university for subjects such as Architecture, Product Design, Industrial Design and Design Engineering.

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